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About Me

My name is Victoria Selden, owner of Moonlit Path Healing. I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and intuitive guide. By trade, I graduated from University of New Haven with my B.A. in Psychology and work in the mental health field helping people with chronic and persistant mental illness.

The Journey so far

I have always felt the draw to help others. My journey started as a young girl finding injured and lost animals in the neighborhood. I would beg and plead my mom to help me nurse the animal back to health or bring it to someone that could save it. That same calling brought me to get my B.A. in Psychology and to help people with mental illness. The calling started to feel mundane and then I noticed it was me that needed some help. My journey in helping and healing myself has brought me back to helping others again. Through many tears, laughter, and quiet introspection, I continue on my healing journey and be a conduit for others to heal themselves too. I welcome you and thank the universe and your higher self for leading me to be a part of your healing journey!


Let the moon be your guide

The moon. The sun. Feminine. Masculine. Yin. Yang. To find balance is the key. To let mother moon intuitively guide you and father sun give you the strength to perservere. So often we fear the darkness, but let us not fear, but walk together and trust our intuition to guide us and embrace the shadow.


Welcome to your moonlit path to healing.

Full Moon

Reiki is a hands on technique to move energy through our main energy centers, the chakras. When Reiki moves through us it helps removes blockages and restore balance so our energy can flow. When our energy flows we feel restored and relaxed. This can radiate into our life for extended periods of time and give us clarity on our journey. 

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