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Reiki sessions include 10 minutes before the session to set intention, relax with a brief guided meditation. Full alotted time for Reiki session include cleansing, Reiki and 10 minutes after to debrief on any experiences, intuitive guidance, or questions that may have come up if you so choose. 

Remote healing is via zoom. Link is sent 24 hours before appointment. Session includes what an in person session would. 

Card reading includes an oracle card reading. Intention and relaxation is done before reading to open sacred space.

Reiki & Card readings include the combination of both the reiki service and reading service. 

Group Reiki Jar is a jar that includes names of people that would like to receive remote reiki. I will give everyone in the jar 20 minutes of distance healing once per week for a whole month. On the first of the month the jar will reset and a new group will begin. You can purchase for yourself, friends, family, situation (past, present, or future) and animals. 

Not sure what is right for you? Learn more on our FAQ page or more about Reiki 

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