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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on technique to move energy through our main energy centers, the chakras. When Reiki moves through us it helps removes blockages and restore balance so our energy can flow. When our energy flows we feel restored and relaxed. This can radiate into our life for extended periods of time and give us clarity on our journey.


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a brief health history and discuss your focus of the session

  • Dress in comfy clothing! Expect to be fully clothed on the massage table

  • Pay before your session so you can fully relax after!  

  • Plan to add 15-20 minutes to your total session for before care and aftercare


  • Depending on preference- you will lie on the massage table or sit up in a chair

  • Once your practitioner gets you into a relaxed state they will begin gentle touch or no touch (also preference)

  • You will receive the whole allotted time of service receiving Reiki

  • Lights will be dim, calming music. Feel free to close your eyes or keep them open

  • You may experience thoughts, warmth/cool, tingling, emotional reactions, or seeing colors! 


  • Your practitioner will gently bring you back to the present moment and offer you a few minutes to reorient yourself

  • You and your practitioner will take 10 minutes to go over any experiences you or they had. Any questions you may continue to have

  • You can expect to feel deeply relaxed with stress reduction and sometimes physical pain relief

  • Drink lots of water over the next 24 hours

  • Thoughts and emotions may come up in the next few days- take note and honor your healing!

What to Expect

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