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Laughing Yoga

Classes & Workshops

The Blackbird House is happy to host a wide variety of classes and workshops in partnership with internal and external holistic practitioners. Below you will find a calendar of some events. For a full list please visit The Blackbird House page below! 

Workshops hosted by Moonlit Path Healing

30   Moon Goddess Circle {Full Moon Ceremony}


8     Moon Phase Magick Workshop

18   Moon Goddess Circle {New Moon Ceremony}

19   Cleansing and Protection 101 Workshop




Moon Goddess Circle.png

Moon Goddess Circle

Monthly circle of connecting with the energy of the moon. The night consists of meditation, journal prompts, ceremony, and more. 

Walk ins are welcome, but priority is given to pre-registered spots. 

cleansing & protection workshop (2).png

Cleansing & Protection Workshop

Learn how to cleanse and protect your energy and environment of unwanted energies. We will make a cleansing and protection tool to take home.

$45 to participate, pre-registration is required

Moon Phase Magick Workshop

In this workshop, we will be learning the basics of moon phase energy, history of how our ancestors and different cultures lived by the moon, and practical ways to work with moon phase energy in our everyday lives.

$45 to participate, pre-registration is required

Moon Phase Magick (1).png

Future Events

Learning and evolving is a part of healing. We are honored to be able to help others learn so they can continue to heal themselves.

Stay tuned for these upcoming events!

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